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Thank you for visiting. I am Carson J. Tucker, an appellate and insurance law attorney.  I use this blog to communicate and engage with clients and colleagues about important court opinions, legal issues and policy.  More about my practice can be found on my LinkedIn pageCarson J. Tucker on LinkedIn.

I research, I write, and I help people solve problems, and I advocate for them in court, mostly on appeal from unfavourable decisions of the inferior courts. Using a combination of updates on LinkedIn, this medium, as well as direct personal contact, I have been able to succeed by keeping my clients up to date on the most pressing issues of law and policy that interests them, engaging with them early about a case or issue, and coming up with a strategy to try and change it or support it, depending on the circumstances.

I intend this blog to generally cover issues of appellate law, with some more targeted and detailed analysis of cases that are important to my clients and to myself. 

There is no legal advice intended or imparted by this blog.

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U.S. Supreme Court Grants in Veterans’ Disability Case

As mentioned in my prior blog post, the U.S. Supreme Court was considering two petitions concerning the issue of disposition of disabled veterans’ benefits in marital property settlements consequent to divorce.  I have a case pending in the Michigan Supreme … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Application filed for Military Veterans

Following on the heels of two U.S. Supreme Court Petitions (which we are quickly catching up with), I filed a brief on behalf of veterans to protect military benefits, which are protected from state control by the Armed Forces Clauses … Continue reading

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Beautiful Article Written About Justice Scalia from Our Own Justice Larsen

I have read this New York Times article with great appreciation and interest. It reminds me of my own experience (almost to the word) clerking for Justice Markman on the Michigan Supreme Court. Justice Larsen’s experience resounds greatly with me, and … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Petition Docketed

The Supreme Court has docketed Petition No. 16-538 in the Case of Wayne  County, et al. v. Linda Richko, Personal Representative of the Estate of Jeffrey Horvath. supreme-court-case-no-16-538  

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Supreme Court of the United States Cert. Petition Filed on Issue of Municipal Liability Under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 and the Fourteenth Amendment

Today I filed a petition in the United States Supreme Court seeking to clarify a fundamental question left open regarding municipal liability under 42 U.S.C. section 1983. wayne-county-et-al-petition-for-writ-of-certiorari

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Michigan Supreme Court Rules Parallel Parking Areas are Not Jurisdictional “Highways” Under Governmental Immunity Tort Liability Act

Last week, the Michigan Supreme Court issued its opinion in a “highway exception” case (Yono v. MDOT) that originally went to the Court on oral argument on the original application, then, after remand to the Court of Appeals returned to the … Continue reading

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Incredible History of the 458th Bombardment Group

I came across this story and great website about the 458th Bombardment Group flying bombing missions out of Horsham Air Base in St. Faith Norwich England during WWII.  I had heard stories, but thanks to this gentleman whose father was … Continue reading

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