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Thank you for visiting. I am Carson J. Tucker, an appellate and insurance law attorney.  I use this blog to communicate and engage with clients and colleagues about important court opinions, legal issues and policy.  More about my practice can be found on my LinkedIn pageLaw Offices of Carson J. Tucker on LinkedIn.

I research, I write, and I help people solve problems, and I advocate for them in court, mostly on appeal from unfavourable decisions of the inferior courts. Using a combination of updates on LinkedIn, this medium, as well as direct personal contact, I have been able to succeed by keeping my clients up to date on the most pressing issues of law and policy that interests them, engaging with them early about a case or issue, and coming up with a strategy to try and change it or support it, depending on the circumstances.

I intend this blog to generally cover issues of appellate law, with some more targeted and detailed analysis of cases that are important to my clients and to myself. 

There is no legal advice intended or imparted by this blog.

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Thoughts on the Federal Constitution After Victories Over State Court Encroachments on Federal Rights

The Constitution entrusts, by and for the benefit of the People of this Great Nation, through the enumerated Article I powers vested in the Legislature, the promises of our Great Charter; to protect those diverse groups among us by instilling … Continue reading

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United States Supreme Court Holds Federal Statute of Limitations Tolling Provision “Stops” Remaining Time to File State Law Claims Under Applicable State Statute of Limitations

In a 5 to 4 decision, Artis v. District of Columbia, 199 L. Ed.2d 473 (2018), the United States Supreme Court has held that 28 USC § 1367, the “supplemental jurisdiction” statute containing a statute of limitations tolling provision, stops the remaining time … Continue reading

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United States Supreme Court Asked to Consider Scope of Immunity of International Organizations

In Jam v. International Finance Corporation, the United States Supreme Court is being asked to consider whether “international organizations” enjoy broader immunities from suits in U.S. courts than “foreign governments” under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA), 28 U.S.C. §§ 1602-11. … Continue reading

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Carson J. Tucker Named 2017 Volunteer of the Year for Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC)

Proud to have been selected for the 2017 Michigan Defense Trial Counsel Volunteer of the Year Award. In addition to the amicus curiae briefs and work I have done for MDTC, 2017 was an amazing year for my other volunteer … Continue reading

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Supreme Court of Michigan Vacates Judgment of Court of Appeals in Veterans’ Disability Case Handled by Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker

The Michigan Supreme Court issued an order summarily vacating the judgment of a state appellate court, which had ruled against a veteran represented by the Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker. The Court remands to the Court of Appeals to … Continue reading

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Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker Pro Bono Amicus Brief Contributes to Another Victory for Disabled Veterans

Another pro bono project by Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker has contributed to a victory in the Minnesota Court of Appeals. After serving over 10 years in the United States Navy and suffering injuries during his service resulting in a 70 … Continue reading

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Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker Lodges Appeal Defending Sheriff’s Deputies in 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Civil Rights Case

The Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker has filed an appeal in the case of Hagerman ex rel Hagerman v. Macomb County, Sixth Circuit Case No. 17-1843, defending several individual Sheriff’s Deputies in Macomb County arising out of a civil rights … Continue reading

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